Parrot Tintype


I have always been fascinated by parrot information from years ago. Although we have made incredible progress in our knowledge about parrot care and behavior in the last two decades, there is no doubt in my mind that many people have really cherished their parrots through the years. 

This section is a mix of many aspects involving parrots including Fiction, Art, Advertising,  Stories, Vintage Companion Photos, Natural History, and Early Ornithology. There is extensive information about the extinct Carolina Parakeet.

CAUTION: Please realize that the information in this section can be HORRIBLE and is most likely accurate as to what we know now and should not be used as a guide in the care or behavior of companion parrots ... especially in regards to diet, medical advice, and cage size. Early aviculturists were quite opinionated as to the potential of various parrot-family birds as pets and for breeding purposes. In many ways these writers were pioneers and sometimes their information was based on limited knowledge of the actual parrots. Take it all with a grain of salt as the saying goes ... I hope that readers will find this information interesting! 




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