Telephone Consultations

$140.86 Consultation




With over 40 Years of Experience Helping People with their Companion Parrots, Sally is here to provide you with advice!

The Consultation Charge is $105 prepaid before the consultation. 

The Process

First Call
Sally will call you at a scheduled time and the first hour + long phone call she will start with questions about your parrot and the reason you need help. Then she will discuss possible solutions for you to try over a week or so.

Second Call
During the second phone call or email discussion you will tell her what happened over the previous week or so and from that Sally provide more solutions to the problems. Each situation, each parrot, and each person is unique so Sally tailors advice to what you share.


To make an appointment for a consultation, you can purchase directly through this website and she will subsequently call you to setup a time, or you can contact her through the website so that she can set an appointment time and handle billing at that time as well. 

Important Information

For best results, It is important for clients to let Sally know how they are progressing with their parrot's behavior either by phone or e-mail.
Once sally receives your payment, she views it as a contract. She starts doing a great deal of research on the situation with your parrot and often talks to other people with experience in the field. She creates notes and a form for step by step questions she needs to ask so that she does not miss important aspects of the situation. This often takes a great deal of time for Sally to perform all of the required back-work therefore consequently she can not provide a refund for the cost of a consultation.

Background on Sally
Sally has been working with parrots for over 40 years and has a passionate interest in everything about them. Over the years, Sally has developed well respected theories of "Nurturing Guidance" which are practical, common sense ways of understanding why parrots behave the way they do. Her process also provides ways to prevent and solve behavioral problems of all kinds. Sally has performed hundreds of successful consultations, both in people's homes and over the telephone.