Pionus senilis

» Also called the White-fronted parrot or Pionus
» Length is about 9 1/2" with weight about 180 grams
» Endemic to southeastern Mexico through Central America to the Caribbean slope of Panama. 
» Is considered stable in its range although it may have been extirpated from western Nicaragua due to deforestation.
» Fairly common as a companion

In the mid 1980s I did a  consultation with the first Pionus I ever met. The bird was a wild-caught White-capped that a man had purchased for his daughter who was in her early twenties. It didn’t take long for me to get the bird to trust me and sit on my hand. Her major problems was that she had never had a parrot and had no idea how to even pay attention to him. By the time I left, she was more comfortable handling the bird and I was pretty sure that their friendship would become successful.

These are one of the smallest Pionus and their colors are beautiful if they are on a good diet. The White-capped Pionus seems to get mixed reviews. Some caregivers report that they are delighted with their spunky outgoing personality. Others state that they can be quite pugnacious and pushy. This may be a gender difference or it may have to do with the way that individuals are raised and maintained as companions.   




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