Pionus fuscus

» Also called the Dusky parrot
» Length is about 9 1/2" with weight about 200 grams

» Endemic to the southeast Venezuela, the Guianas to northeastern Brazil with an isolated population in northern Colombia. 
» Is considered stable in its range.
» Fairly common as a companion

This is another beauty but is less common as a companion. In many photographs, the Dusky looks somewhat colorless; however in good lighting they have a stunning combination of pink/purple/lavender coloration on their chests and slate blue on their heads. I have read that are called the Dusky Pionus because they have all of the colors in the sky as the sun goes down. 
They tend to be active birds for Pionus and some are described as having a mischievous personality. Terry and Shari Beaudoin live with a male Dusky. He has some pretty severe mood
 swings during hormonal periods. In fact, after she took an x-ray, his veterinarian proclaimed that he had the largest gonad she had ever seen in a parrot that size.