Pionus sordidus corallines

» Also called the Sordid Pionus and the Red-billed parrot
» Length is about 11" with weight about 250 grams

» Endemic to the Lower Andean slopes from northern Venezuela and western Colombia to Ecuador, eastern Peru and northern Bolivia.
» They tend to be a tree top species. 
» Is considered stable in its range.
» Uncommon in aviculture but is becoming more common

I have only seen two of these Pionus and have never worked with one or spent a lot of time with one. I have heard that they are similar to the other Pionus but possibly a little more confident and sociable enough to be handled by many people as long as the people is comfortable with them. They are usually quiet, easy-going and generally not afraid of new people or situations.  Like many Pionus, they may be a bit sedate and need to be encouraged to play and be active.  Some babies may make a hissing sound when they are excited. If this happens people should just wait for them to calm down.