Pionus chalcopterus

» Range is northwest Venezuela, western Colombia, Ecuador and northwestern Peru
» Length about 11" and weight about 210 grams
» Considered to be stable but some populations may be difficult to ascertain.
» Is becoming more common as a human companion.

    When these parrots are well-fed and receive quality care, they are one of the most beautiful parrots I have ever seen. Take time to count the colors in these beauties — especially in good lighting. I have been told that the hens are gentler than the males but I don’t know this to be a fact and it could be on an individual basis. The Bronze-wing that I spent the most time with was very sweet and gentle with children who didn’t move very fast. She could also develop a bit of an attitude when she was being asked to do something that she didn’t want to do (but then, um, the woman she lived with worked with me and often had the same attitude.) 




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