Forpus sp.

Literally a handful, these diminutive parrots are often referred to as the mini-Amazon. The Pacific and the Green-rumped are the most common as companions. Even though they are little guys, rules and guidance are essential.

Because they are so small, people have a tendency to think that they will act like small birds such as budgies and cockatiels. Parrotlets are true parrots and like their larger cousins, they are intelligent, curious, acrobatic, and often full of themselves. They can develop a loving bond with the people in their lives.

Parrotlets can also be bitey, moody, territorial, and develop hormonal problems during breeding season. You can’t tell the boys from the girls. Unlike many other parrot family birds, parrotlets don’t have a tendency to be one-person birds. They also don’t have much of a scream but communicate with soft chirps and whistles. They can also learn to talk. Because they are generally quiet and don’t require a huge cage, parrotlets are truly a suitable apartment bird. 

Cage size should not be determined by wing span with smaller parrots. These dynamos anen't perch potatoes and need plenty of room in their cage for their energetic play. They need multiple perches, swings and lots of toys to chew and play Tarzan with.




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