Red Throated Conure

Now: Psittacara rubritorquis
Was: Aratinga.rubritorquis

» Also called the Red-throated parakeet 
» Found in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua 
» Added to the IUCN list of Threatened Species in 2008 
» 11” in length about 240 grams
» Available as a companion conure but not as common as some of the other conures

These handsome medium-sized conures are highly social and like to be where the action is. The birds who are handled frequently in a trust-building manner will let their caregivers do just about anything with them. Like most conures, red-throats can be very acrobatic and playful. They are not as common as companions as many of the other conures and I have only worked with a couple of them. Both were little charmers who only needed a bit more guidance and instructional interaction from the people in their lives to get past any behavioral problems that they had.




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