Dusky Conure

Aratinga weddellii

by Sally Blanchard

» Also called Dusky-headed conure and Weddell’s Conure
» 10 to 11” 
» Range includes the western Amazon Basin 
» Populations are considered stable
 Considered by many to be one of the best conure companions

 I have only known one of these conures very well. She was the first bird of friends of mine and was purchased from a bad pet shop. She started out standoffish and didn’t like to be handled at all. With gradual non-intrusive work over a year or so, she became very affectionate and sometimes even demands physical handling. She loves to snuggle and will fluff her head up for a skritch. She even does a few tricks with her favorite being a head stand. She talks in a muttering voice but laughs clearly, sometimes with a maniacal intensity. If she has turned into such a great companion with her start, imagine the potential of a well-socialized hand-fed Dusky. They have a reputation for being among the gentlest of all conures, remaining so if they are provided with guidance and instructional interaction. 




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