CRIMSON-WINGED PARROT                                        
Aprosmictus erythopterus

by Sally Blanchard

» Also known as Red-winged parrot
» Length is about13 1/2" Weight about 135 grams
» Endemic to Pilbara in western Australia to the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. Also New Guinea from southern eastern Irian Jaya to southwest Papua New Guinea
» Although sexes are similar the Red-wing is sexually dimorphic with the male's colors being more intense and having a black nape.
» A fairly common aviary bird and companion in avicullture
» They are considered stable in their range.

Over thirty years ago, I was given a young beautiful, hand-tamed male Red-winged parrot by a woman who had lost interest in him because according to her the bird lacked personality. I had done a consultation with the woman and talked to her extensively about how to develop curiosity in the bird through instructional interaction and play. A few weeks later she called me to see if I could find him a new home. Darwin lived with me for several months I imporved his diet so he ate lots of fresh foods. The change in diet made his feathers shimmer and his personality and playfulness developed with attention. He had gotten a bit wild from being neglected but after awhile he was a very sweet, tame parrot again. I found him a home with a rather reclusive handicapped man who doted on him. He blossomed even more and they became quite quite devoted to each othem. 




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