Forstens Lorikeet

Trichoglossus forsteni (formerly Trichoglossus haematodus forsteni)

» Also known as the Sunset Lorikeet and the Scarlet-breasted Lorikeet 
» The darkest member of the Rainbow Lorikeet group.
» About 9"  and 100 grams
» Endemic to Sumbawa Island, Indonesia
» A subspecies, the Mitchell's Lorikeet (
Trichoglossus forsteni mitchelli) is from Bali and other nearby islands

» Available in aviculture and as a companion Lorikeet
» Habitat destruction in its limited range and capture for the pet trade is cause for concern
» These birds do best on a diet of fresh low-iron fruits and veggies, nectar and some high quality dry powdered Lory mix. 




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