Umbrella Cockatoo Laundry Help

by Karyn Amaral 

I hate doing laundry, so I avoid it until I have no choice. My kids were at their dad’s for the weekend and I knew I had to attack the ever-growing piles. I laundered, folded and stacked the clothes on the couch until it all but disappeared. Finally, the kid’s laundry was put away in their rooms but I just sat mine on the bed and went to finish another load. As I was working, I had glanced at the birds and they all seemed happy playing on their cages. After all, when Bianca my 11-month-old umbrella cockatoo goes exploring, Gidget, my noble macaw, hollers from across the room “NO NO BONK! BONK, NO!MOMMY! She has learned well from the kids.

It took me a few minutes to realize that everything was too quiet. I hurried into my room to find Gidget and Ariel, my citron-crested cockatoo still on their cages but Bianca had disappeared. “BIANCA!” I yelled furiously. Before I panicked, my eyes hit the bed where my neatly folded clothes had been ransacked. As I called her name, she popped her white head up from the deepest center of the mess with her crest all askew. Her body was completely hidden. “HI!” she greeted cheerfully, obviously proud of her handiwork. My anger melted and together, albeit slowly, we resorted and folded that dam laundry.