Studer Carolina Parakeet

Studer's Popular OrnithologyThe Birds of North America 1881

This beautiful bird, once so numerous, is now restricted to the Southern

Atlantic and Gulf States; at times it extends its migrations up the Mississippi valley as far as to the Missouri, the Great Lakes, and Wisconsin. In Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, and the Indian Territory, they are found quite abundant. Mr. Allen says in reference to their abundance in Florida.

"Hundreds are captured every winter on the Lower St. Johns, by professional bird-catchers, and sent to northern cities. Thousands of others are destroyed wantonly by sportsmen. Concerning this needless slaughter, Mr. Boardman thus writes; 'This little Parrakeet must soon be exterminated. Some of our Enterprise party would sometimes shoot forty or fifty at a few discharges, for sport, as they hover about when any are shot till the whole flock is destroyed.' From its habit of feeding upon the tender maize in autumn, it is somewhat injurious to the farmer, and for this cause, also. many are killed. It is also more or less hunted as a game bird. It is well known that the Parrakeet formerly inhabited large portions of the United States where it is now never seen, and the cause of its disappearance has been deemed a mystery. Such facts as these, however, seem to render clear what its ultimate fate must be in the United States - extermination."




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